If you rely on a post-and-pray strategy when recruiting new employees to your company, you will probably not succeed in setting your dream team.

You might already know from past experience, that the war for talent is rough. You probably also experience that HR do what they can to support you, however, as the hiring manager you are the one responsible for setting your team.

It takes work and effort to build your talent pipeline, but if you work on it continuously you will soon find yourself to be one step ahead instead of two steps behind and you will have a good chance to win the battle.

To get to that point, here are 3 crucial steps that you should start doing today:

Identify your needs

Keep an updated and continuous analysis of your needs in the team. As soon as you get the opportunity to add a headcount to your team or need a replacement you are ready and know exactly what to look for.

Know the right people

Build a strong relevant network on an ongoing basis. When you know what and who to look for, it’s time to get started. Once you find who you are looking for, invite them in. Embrace any opportunity and maintain the relation e.g. via LinkedIn.

Build relations

Once you have a strong network you need to prepare people so they know that they are considered for future opportunities in your organization. Make sure to cultivate your connections. They will remember and appreciate it.