Generally, there is a lot of attention on millennials in the recruiting process. However, there is not really a big difference in what young candidates and experienced candidates want or dislike when it comes to recruiting.

All candidates appreciate (and will remember) a respectful process!

The goal is to get and maintain the attention of good candidates. To do that, you need to build a process that addresses the individual:

  1. Know what you are looking for in a candidate – prepare a thorough job analysis
  2. Respect every one’s time, make the process easy – without being careless. For example: An updated LinkedIn profile can be just as valuable as a resume attached to an email.
  3. Ensure painstaking preparation of your communication, keep up momentum, let candidates know what is going to take place and when. Make sure that your communication is to the point, personal and friendly.

To sum up, it doesn’t have to be difficult or complex to recruit good candidates. Start by putting yourself in the candidate’s shoes and imagine how you would like the process to be if you were the candidate.