A pricey blind spot in recruiting!

How much money will your organization loose on a bad hiring decision?

Rule of thumb says at least half of the annual salary. To that you can add several indirect costs due to disruption affecting productivity, customer loyalty and team morale.

How much money does your organization invest in your skills as a recruiter or hiring manager doing interviews?

In most organizations it is next to nothing. You are probably left to follow the path most recruiters or hiring managers walk, starting out the hard way – learning by doing. At best, you are taken under the wings of a more experienced senior from whom you can pick up a few tricks.

Interesting, don’t you think…?

A good deal of the bad decisions can be avoided by a professional approach to uncovering skills, behavior and motivation in the job interview, and a structured assessment of the candidate.

Research shows that a poor skills match and culture misfit top the list of reasons why the hiring decision didn’t turn out a success.

Just a small investment in formal interview training for your recruiters or hiring managers can minimize the risk of bad hiring decisions. It pays off and it doesn’t take an MBA.

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