Have you ever lost a good candidate because they accepted another offer before you extended yours?

The candidate market is faster moving than ever. The talented candidates are wanted people. They are constantly exposed to interesting new opportunities, and they might not wait for your decision weeks after an interview.

Here are 3 tips on how you can stay on top:

Don´t let details slow you down

If you want your alignment of expectations with the candidate to be quick and powerful, you need to prepare the salary and benefits package as one of your first steps when starting the hiring process. Additionally, make sure you have your paid-time-off and pension policies in place and that you have made a decision regarding bonus structure for the position. That will add to your speed of execution.

Plan and prioritize

You know it takes time and extra hours to hire. But do you take this extra time into consideration in your daily duties? Plan the process and block your calendar. Tell your candidates what to expect of the process, when to schedule the next interview or when to expect an offer, if you agree to proceed. Your favorite candidate is busy too.

It takes courage to make a decision

If you know what you are looking for it makes your decision a whole lot easier, – and better. So, we suggest you make a thorough job analysis. It will help you stay on track throughout the hiring process, especially when you are about to make your final decision on which candidate to select.

Good planning, good communication and quick decisions will leave a professional impression and brand your business in a positive way.